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Now that I have been given more freedom to play around with my blog, I’ve discovered tons of things I can do with it. First, I wanted a new theme so I discovered this nice looking theme from this blog. After it was uploaded, I switched to it ASAP. Then I thought I needed to find more plug-ins to work with this blog. So I went searching for a little program that would allow me to post videos from YouTube or Google Video. My search led me to this blog of WP plugins. I wanted to include the classic Sesame Street videos in one entry. So I searched the web and found what I was looking for here. (It is in Spanish by there is a nifty link that quickly translates it to English. Cool!)

This is the beauty of open source. Developers from all over the world are now chipping in their little programs to make WordPress blogs better.

Hooray for WP!

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