S.A.B.A.W. Album Launching

I got this from friend Jing Garcia who has been composing music for ages 😉 Jing is part of the Children of the Cathode Ray and AutoCeremony. The likes of John Cage, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy inspire his music. He calls himself a “non-musician” who sees life a source of musical experimentation. His role is to capture some of it and put it into record — just like a journalist.

He’s also TechTimes editor of the Manila Times.

Date: 22 July 2006 / 21:00 (9pm)
Venue: Future Prospects / Shop 62-63, Marikina Shoe Expo. / Cubao, Quezon City

Admission: FREE

URL: www.groups.yahoo.com/groups/sabaw

S.A.B.A.W. releases its first anthology album entitled: S.A.B.A.W. An anthology of Noise, Electronic and Experimental Music 2006

The S.A.B.A.W. Anthology is the result of existing material collected from experimental musicians and sound artists who had been working in the Philippine underground (read: underappreciated and under-funded) scene for the last 20 years.

The project—conceived with the intention of not just publishing but also promoting innovations and experiments in music, is an attempt to fill a gap made real by the lack of critical appreciation and inaccessibility of sound art and experimental music for the past two decades.

The artists here represent but a cross section of a much larger body of musicians and artists from all over the archipelago. (Taken from the album liner notes)

Featuring: Arvie Bartolome, Ascaris, Autoceremony, Blend:er, Blums Borres, Children of Cathode Ray, Conscript, EAT TAE, Elemento, Foodshelter&Clothing, Inconnu ictu, Insomnia, Nasal Police, Pow Martinez, Tengal, Teresa Barrozo

The two-disc album also includes liner notes (including the bio of each artist), and the artwork of artist Poklong Anading. It will be sold for 150 pesos and is packed in a sealed jewel case.

This Saturday’s event will have live performances by experimental musicians/sound artists: Elemento, Inconnu ictu, Nasal Police (Pow Martinez and Ria Muñoz), Arvie Bartolome, and Tengal.

In addition to the anthology, three other albums will be released this Saturday,Head Ego by Arvie Bartolome, Drones for the Bored by Tengal, and ZPE (Zero-point energy) by Elemento mastermind, Lirio Salvador.

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