A good man dies

A good man and friend Joey Nacion died this morning in a robbery. He was a minister at the Imus Church of Christ congregation where I go from time to time.

This is the second time I got news of death of people I know on a Monday. Is this a trivial coincidence? Just a few weeks earlier, lola Gloria Sico died of a massive heart attack. But she’s more than 80. Joey is at his prime. His wife, Jenny, is now left with his children (I can’t remember their names now). But my prayers are going out to them.

This recent news made me reflect on my life. We usually don’t think of death everyday. But it is the most inevitable thing in our life. We often take for granted our momentary stay on this earth, forgetting that we all have a purpose. If you’re not a believer in an Almighty being, then you should consider this thought: when you die, where do you think you’ll go? I’ve fallen many times before, and am still struggling to keep the faith.

When such news come, I immediately feel the need to go back to my roots, and re-examine my life. Why? These people who died — they died with their faith intact. Some people die in vain. They’ve made their peace with God, and they’ve carried on despite life’s troubles. They’re the examples of good Christians who are now inheriting the riches awaiting them.

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