How to report text spam to NTC

Mobile phone operators and content providers will need to explain why they are not spamming subscribers with unsolicited text messages, the National Telecommunications Commission says in its latest guideline.

The agency now urges consumers to report SMS spam to special committees dedicated to deal with this problem, the NTC adds.

According to the NTC website, consumers need to:

  1. Go to the NTC Central Office (or a nearby regional office)
  2. Fill up a form.
  3. Oh, don’t forget to bring cellphone containing the alleged text spam message.
  4. Show some identification.
  5. Wait.

Ok, should we be jumping for joy now? Not yet. Frankly, this is an administrative mess for NTC once again. They should have pushed through with the not-to-text database, an initiative similar to no-to-calls in the US. But apparently, the NTC gave in to industry pressures. So what we have is a “compromise” deal.

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