Pinoy qualifies for Asian gaming semis (Update)

Alex Villafania bows out to a Thai player, and takes fourth place, the latest news from Hackenslash blog says. Villafania is a tech and gaming journalist for Hackenslash and

Filipino DOA 4 bet places 4th in 2006 WCG Asian Championship,
DATE POSTED : 2006-08-13, 13:44:00

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SINGAPORE–hackenslash reporter Alex Villafania provided the Philippine team its best finish in the 2006 World Cyber Games Asian Championship, placing fourth in the regional competition’s Dead or Alive 4 category for the Xbox 360 after losing to Thailand’s Pramote Auyahan.

Taking his hat off as journalist, Alex Villafania now remains the only Filipino to have entered the semi-finals in the special Asian Games of the World Cybergames 2006 in Singapore, Hackenslash editor Joey Alarilla writes in the website’s blog and in’s breaking news.

Villafania who currently writes for Hackenslash and beat his foreign opponents. He now faces Singaporean bet Wilson Chia.

Alex is playing the Dead or Alive 4 Xbox 360 tournament.

Joey says that Alex is apparently “the last remaining hope for the Philippines, as the Filipino bets in Counter-Strike 1.6, FIFA 2006, Warcraft III and the Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) All Stars Open tournament unfortunately did not make it past the first day of competition.”

“The second best finish next to Villafania came from DOTA Philippine Team 129, which made it to the Round of 16. Team 129 was the runner up in the 2006 WCG Asian Championship Philippine preliminaries. The Philippine DOTA champion Team Flow was eliminated during the group stage matches earlier today,.” he adds.

Good luck Alex! and I hope you bring the cash and the 360 home! Wohoo!

More news about the Asian championship from Hackenslash’s blog. Also read the same story here.

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