One of Philippines’ sexiest blogger writes 30 (update)

I just caught a glimpse of her latest posting, dated August 9. Apparently, she’s ending her public blog following some serious incidents (i.e. flaming, misrepresentation) she experienced while blogging. She already has taken down most of her blog’s content.

To Norway on a Bicycle was named as among the top Filipino sexiest bloggers. Her mature topics, however, did not please everyone.

(Our sexy blogger who has posted a comment below has apparently decided to shut down her blog because certain party/parties have used the content against her. Thanks for the clarification! I hope you’d keep blogging on less “controversial” topics ;-)) 

In her earlier posting, she reveals how somebody put her in a precarious situation (including with her company). That somebody impersonated her and use her identity to send hate e-mail to people.

just this morning, i received word that some controversial email—penned in my name—has been forwarded to my company. the depth of hate of the one responsible for this appalls me. i did not write such an email and i do not own the email address how did i come about the fake address? i picked it up from one of the messages that i had received previously, since everything is cc’d to a variety of addresses. anyway, when i read through the list of recipients, i was instantly wary about

Poor girl. Given the “very conservative” country that we have, such mature topics, especially coming from a lady, does not sink well with some people. But if she’s talking about her life, her feelings, her passions, and her relationships, why should we be angry? I’m not sure about the real story behind her decision to end her blog, but it appears she’s fed up and wants her life, privacy back.

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