Jailed blogger from behind bars: CNET News.com

“Josh Wolf, the first blogger jailed for refusing to cooperate with a federal grand jury, says he’s trying to prevent the eroding of journalists’ protections,” one Digg user writes. I also stumbled upon this story.

First, Wolf is a freelance journalist. He’s protected by law not to give away his sources or the controversial video tape. Second, throwing him in jail for refusing to comply with federal laws now makes him a celebrated hero for free expression.

Here’s a good quote from Cnet’s telephone interview with him: “I do feel it’s an attempt of the government to further erode the protections affording to journalists. I do feel it may be a political attempt to catalogue and chronicle who in the San Francisco Bay Area identifies as anarchist, not particularly myself, but the people on the tape.”

Here’s an excerpt of the story from Cnet:

Josh Wolf, a 24-year-old freelance journalist, made headlines last week
as the first known blogger to be thrown into federal prison for not
cooperating with judiciary officials.

One of the Internet's earliest video bloggers, Wolf refused to testify
before a U.S. grand jury and also refused to hand over unpublished video
footage he shot during a clash between San Francisco police and anti-G8
protesters in July 2005.

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