Newspapers are *&^%$@

This was the first sentence in Joey Alarilla’s @Play column today in Infotech.

I think this is the first time I’ve read a local tech columnist write about the impending demise of newspapers (as we know it) if they fail to reinvent themselves now.

Alarilla says:

NEWSPAPERS are f***ed.

Kurt Andersen, co-founder of the legendary Spy magazine, whose illustrious career includes tours of duty at The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Time Magazine and the “Today” show, said that a year ago, and trends are supporting his view.

Here’s an excerpt from the article written by Amanda Kludt:

“All newspapers are kind of f***ed,” he says, pointing out all of the free news sources available online. “Look at newspaper circulation numbers. They’re all on a steady decline. There’s going to be a lot of confusion and pain in the interim as this transition from paper to electronic happens.”

He went on to cite more examples that concludes people are going online for news. Alarilla quotes Lou Ureneck, chairman of the Department of Journalism at Boston University, who had this to say:

“They are not headed to extinction, but certainly to contraction. Newsprint in the future will serve as the substrate for only the highest-end work or for readers who are wealthy enough, and willing, to pay for their preference for paper. This trend will not be unlike the purpose that glossy paper now serves for some high-end magazines, such as the New Yorker. Routine content will find its way online. The migration of financial agate typifies what will become a growing trend.”

His full column can be found here.

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