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I found myself becoming part of the news today. The Visayan Daily Star decided to write a story about an ongoing program I am also taking up (thank you Nanette). And I saw, er, my name in there. Yes, I’m among the grantees of a fellowship program of the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University (ACFJ). This program gives scholarships to practicing journalists.

This program “seeks to help reporters and editors meet time-honored standards of good journalism, develop an Asian perspective and face up to the challenges posed by a global and technologically sophisticated environment.”

It offers a Master of Arts in Journalism (M.A. Journalism), which involves distance learning covering a coursework of 12 courses or 36 units.

ACFJ website adds:

[The MA program] rests on a solid foundation in the ethics and principles of journalism and provides training in covering an extensive range of news and issues. Faculty members from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, and students from various Asian countries bring a broad perspective into the discussions, promoting a critical and comprehensive understanding of events. The core courses are taught using a blended online and on-campus method. Journalism electives are held fully online.”

Starting next week, 15 students of the MA Journalism program will meet face to face for the first time after eight weeks of virtual interaction to start an intensive on-campus sessions that will last for two weeks. Orientation Day will begin on on 22 August 2006.

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