‘The last stand’

Hey folks, so many of you have been asking yourself why Ultimate-Guitar.Com is still online, while most guitar tablature websites have been shut down by MPA during the past 6 months, including mxtabs, guitartabs.cc, guitartabs.com, taborama.com and mysongbook? The time has come for Ultimate-Guitar.Com to get an MPA letter as well. Surely, that was not something good, but the request to remove all tabs in 10 days.

By now, you’re aware that music publishers in the US are going after websites that contain guitar tablatures (music sheet) and lyrics. Guitar tablatures or tabs are like music sheets. Instead of notes, it uses numbers that pertain to a fret. So it helps guitar players visualize the song on a fretboard. Ultimate-Guitar argues that the website is based in Russia. So are they covered by the US copyright laws? We’ll find out soon.

Go the website and know what it had to say.

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