Back to school (in the information age)

I’m back to school, studying journalism (again). More than 10 years after I finished College, I see how school has evolved. Students are now donning their laptops in campuses. They thrive in so much information. Back then, I was lucky to find the latest magazine in the library. Today, much of the information is found on the Internet. While students are still going to libraries, much of their time is spent researching topics using electronic means. I just had to see it to believe it. But apparently, there’s also a surge in plagiarism online. Some students have become lazy, as they resort to “copying and pasting” information and making it their own. It’s sad but it’s a reality.

Here’s one good website on online plagiarism that I find useful if you want to know more about it. There’s also this website called that links to more useful resources. One thing I learned is that you can even be accused of plagiarising yourself. So be sure to cite your sources, even though it is your own.

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