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I admit I was a bit anxious before my two-week on-campus sessions for an MA Journalism course started almost two weeks ago. We were required to read volumes of articles on various topics on journalism, ethics, philosophies, and media law. I was told to also expect sleepless nights. Now that it is ending, I feel that I wanted more. Not that I did not learn anything during the past days.

I’m going to miss interacting with like-minded journalists in the Asia Pacific region; learning from fellow journalists who fascinated and humbled me. I’m going to miss the teachers, or facilitators who guided us through this intensive two-week on-campus program. Of course, learning will not stop here. It will continue online.

Our MA program is being delivered through the Internet mainly. However, we’re required to attend on-campus sessions for two weeks this semester, and another one in summer for six weeks.

This is perhaps the most effective way to earn a Masters degree in journalism for practicing journalists.

Some colleagues have said I’m wasting my time studying journalism. Why not? Interaction with journalists from different countries in the Asia Pacific region was an experience I wouldn’t forget. This year, I had classmates from Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, India, Thailand, and the Philippines. Everyday, we share our experiences.  Through various exercises, we were made to realize that we do share similar experiences, ideas, and problems. We also share the same passion for writing and documenting history.

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