Losing YM buddies

I keep getting booted out of Yahoo! Messenger lately. Today, I lost all my YM buddies, mysteriously. What is Yahoo! doing now? This is getting so irritating. The regular updates (not to mention the plug-ins) have probably zapped all my buddies out of my list. Now I have to add each buddy manually. Darn!

I just got a message from Google Chat that other people are also suffering the same fate (hopefully not as bad as mine).

Technology makes our lives convenient. But when it is acting up weird, you just wished you didn’t had anything to do with it. I remember the last time we had a chat in my class, this e-learning portal was acting weird, delaying our online chat/class, my dinner, and date with my kids and wife.

Technology has indeed democratize communications. But it is also replacing face-to-face discussions and chitchat. From time to time, I meet shy people “offline” or in the real world. They don’t say much. But once they’re online, they send you a barrage of forwarded e-mail messages; overwhelm you with YM messages; and send you e-greeting cards that you often don’t care to read.

Is technology really making our lives easier? Or are we just using technology as an excuse to become less engaging and intimate with people? Has YM replaced real conversations? The answer to that is I don’t know. Just now, I’m frustrated that I can’t find my buddies on YM…sigh.

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