Thai webmasters warned vs ‘disturbing the peace’ — Seapa

The Southeast Asian Press Alliance (Seapa) says the new Thai government is now putting more pressure on webmasters out to “disturb the peace.” Seapa is a non-profit organization fighting for freedom of expression in the region. It is based in Bangkok. Here’s an excerpt taken from an story:

“The Internet is the latest medium under threat in military-ruled Thailand, as media conditions continue to deteriorate in the first days of the military takeover. The overall environment for the press is unstable, and is being undermined by the day,” the Bangkok-based non-profit organization advocating freedom of expression said in a September 22 blog entry.

One of the “victims” of this government clamp down is the “19sep” blog, according to Seapa.

Meanwhile, a website set up to encourage Thais to air their views about the pros and cons to the coup was shut down within 24 hours of its establishment. The Ministry pulled the plug on website http:// saying its contents ran contrary to the guidelines laid down by the Council for Democratic Reform under the Constitutional Monarchy (CDRM) (previously referred to as the Administrative Reform Council).

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3 thoughts on “Thai webmasters warned vs ‘disturbing the peace’ — Seapa”

  1. What can we expect from military rule? I am interested to watch though if the junta will keep it’s promise to turn over governance to civilian rule in 2 weeks time. Good for Thailand, they have a respected but equally powerful king who can keep the country united, but at the same time, can make a seating prime minister compromise.

  2. thanks Sonnie for dropping by and for sharing your two cents…I also am quite disturbed with the gag on media (but friend Roby alampay who is exec director of SEAPA says that media are still free to roam and do stories). Now we do wish we had a king…

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