Did I just travel back in time?

Or did somebody or something erased several days of entries in this blog? This is depressing. Now I have to recall what I’ve written and blog about it again. But this really makes my day! Quite depressing. Is this related to the recent migration of this blog to new servers? Hmmmm. 🙁 Could it be perhaps due to my decision to import this blog in Facebook? Hmmmm.

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3 thoughts on “Did I just travel back in time?”

  1. I get to experience this once in awhile especially when there are some technical problems being faced by your webhost.

    Since you are already on wordpress you might want to check out the backup plugin. You can configure it to create backups on disk or send you a copy of the backup through email everyday 😉

  2. Thanks Shutter box. Before all power went down last Thursday, I found out that the transfer to new servers did affect this blog. But our host was able to back up old entries (Thanks Abe). Just as the storm that crippled Metro Manila and nearby provinces showed how dependent we are on power, we also depend too much on technology do most of these menial tasks. I do use my blog mostly to keep tabs of my stories. But sometimes I react to some issues. Let’s just say this is my virtual memory bank. hahaha;-)

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