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Martin Harris has died, according to “YouTubers.” (YouTubers is the new label for people who publish or upload their personal videos on YouTube, an online video hosting website).

Martin is a world war 2 veteran and he started uploading his videos on YouTube on September 27, 2006. Born in the 1920s, Martin is one of the oldest YouTubers who has become famous. There was another one called geriatric1927. According to this obituary, Martin was 86 years old and was a well-known local personality in his place. Here’s an excerpt:

Born in Malden in 1920, the son of Russian immigrants, Mr. Slobodkin graduated magna cum laude in international studies from Harvard University in 1941 and has been back to every reunion bar one since then; this would have been his 65th. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the Army as a medic. Based on IQ tests, the Army sent him to graduate school at Yale to study Russian, and then to the Sorbonne in Paris to study philosophy. (His memories of WW II can be seen and heard on www.youtube.com under Mharris1920.)

The young people are viewing YouTube more than television, as evidenced by millions of young subscribers in YouTube. But recently, even the older generation has found use of YouTube. Like Martin and geriatric1927, they’re now using this online medium to tell their stories. They don’t have to be elaborate productions. And somehow, other people view these videos, and when Martin died, some have created tributes for him. And I’m not surprised why. Just watch Martin’s Hip Hip Hurray, his story about his fourth hip replacement. I just can’t stop laughing and smiling.

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