Seized liquid in RP airport up in flames

I’m sure my liquid deodarant was among the “seized liquid” that went up in flames during an effort to get rid of all these “dangerous” materials. Personally, I find this recent airport policy ridiculous because it is all encompassing. I heard that some people who bought expensive perfumes were teary-eyed as they were told they couldn’t bring it in the plane. When I was in the Hong Kong and Taiwan airports, I asked if they had a similar policy, and to my surprise, they didn’t have one.

I don’t exactly know the origins of this policy of banning liquids in planes but I found this website of the Transportation Security Administration of the US Deparment of Homeland Security, listing a detailed version of the liquid ban.

The current indiscriminatory banning of anything that has liquid is downright impractical in Philippine airports. Those things cause money. Can the Philippine airport authorities at least reimburse us the cost? I was lucky that my liquid deodarant was a cheap one. So the next time I flew to Taiwan, I brought a stick deodorant. I asked the airport security if I could bring it with me on the plane, and was asked, “Baka hindi yan pwede sir,” I was told. So who decides which is liquid and which is solid now? 😉

The least they could do is come up with an explanation for everyone to see in local airports. So the next time we get there, we won’t get surprised.

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