A ‘mySpace’ for gamers

gamespaceliveHad enough social networking websites? Here’s another one. Gamespacelive hopes to become the mySpace of gamers, as this article from Blogcritic puts it.

There are still a few of people in the Gamespacelive.com. The website is currently being maintained by a 24-year-old American by the name of Cody Hutchings.

Check out my profile 😉 There’s nothing there yet, hahaha.

Will this catch on like mySpace or Friendster? Or are we just tired of so many social networking websites? Right now I’m subscribed to more than 10 of them, I think. Let’s see: Friendster, mySpace, multiply, WindowsLive, Facebook, Funchain.com (a local one), Eskwela.com (another local product), LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Joga.com (a social networking website for Football fans), 43Things.com, Yahoo! 360, and now this…Gamespacelive.com. Now, that’s more than 10.


Why you may ask do we get hooked to these SNS (social networking services)? I could partly blame my compulsion to join these virtual cliques to check out what the young generation are talking about these days. Being part of the Generation X, I think we had a different view of the world. Today’s Generation Y are different, in a sense that they know what they want, and they will stick to it. They also listen to a lot of music these days, but would often stick to a few bands they love. My brother thinks that way. While I was heavily into Classic Rock, he stuck on to Thrash, Gothic Metal, which I only dug recently. So, there I now feel a certain disconnect. Yeah, call it GENERATION GAP.

But I digress.

SNS is a cool way to connect to people, ideas, photos, etc on the web. I remember writing about a future where the Internet would be about tagging. Every idea is now tagged, connected to another idea. Every person is connected in a mesh of networks. In fact, the science of tagging on the web has spawned a new term. It’s called folksonomy. Interesting, noh.

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