PS3 arrives in RP stores, auction sites

Are you willing to part with your money now that PS3 has arrived in Philippine stores? Well, think twice because the prices are really not that attractive. If I were you, wait for a few months and you’ll see prices going down.

Well fellow tech journalist Alex Villafania did some snooping and found out how much are PS3s selling in local stores and auction sites.

LESS than two weeks after it was launched by Sony (on Nov. 11 in Japan and Nov. 17 in North America), several video game and toy shops in Metro Manila and individual sellers from online auction sites and have started selling either the Japanese or US versions of the much-awaited console.

The online Filipino PlayStation forum reported that E2 Games and Toy Kingdom in the newly renovated Greenhills V-Mall are selling the PS3s.

Meanwhile, the Americans go gaga over Nintendo’s Wii. But it was not as chaotic as the PS3 launch that happened last week.

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