A quickie with the PS3

Hackenslash’s ever-reliable gaming reporter Alex Villafania went out and tested the PS3 that was displayed in one popular mall here in the Philippines. In this article, he recounts the experience. Excerpt:

Toy Kingdom’s price for the PS3 20Gigabyte package is 44, 999 pesos while the 60Gb unit goes for a whopping 60,000 pesos. Sony is selling its packages in North America for US$499 and US$599, respectively, which is just between 25,000 and 30,000 pesos. But then again, it’s understandable for entrepreneurs to sell high especially if there are few rabid buyers who are willing to shell out money close to half a year’s worth of a person’s minimum wage salary. If I had the choice, I’d wait a bit more until better games come out. Maybe six months down the line, prices would also go down to a third of what the shops are offering.

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