Wii review (from Slate)

Here’s a rather, uhm, interesting review of Nintendo’s Wii from Slate (it should be noted that Slate is partly owned by Microsoft until Washington Post Co. acquired it a year ago — thanks Arvin for the correction). Surprise, surprise, eh. But quickly, Slate’s other gaming columnist puts a damper on the positive review with this other article.

Obviously, both articles focused on the pros and cons of the new Wii remote controller called the nunchuk. Like seeing the glass as either half-full or half-empty, the reviews (or previews) tested the gaming console using some available games on Wii. Some games were obviously a dud, while the Wii sports games (which come bundled) did show some potential. Yes, the Wii games are not as sophisticated as first-person games in PS3 or XBOX 360. But it is clear the Wii offers something unique. And that is partly the attraction to this nifty gaming machine. If I had the money, I would buy all three. But right now, I’m playing the Xbox 360 and so far, it’s fun to play some sports games like NBA Live 07 and FIFA 2006. I still have to test the raw power of that machine with the newer games. But I digress.

Gaming is often a personal experience. Game reviews (as objective as they may sound) narrate the personal experiences of the person writing about it. So don’t get disheartened if one person thinks this gaming console is not worth your while. If you love Zelda, go for a Wii. If you love Halo (like I do), I would invest in an Xbox 360. And for Final Fantasy lovers, the PS3 is the ultimate machine. What makes any gaming console or any hardware for that matter compelling is really the content. No matter how much raw power you put in it, add the fancy controllers, force feedback, and gyroscopes, blah blah, content is still king. So I won’t slam any doors on any of these gaming consoles since each offer great content. As I said, if only I had the money to buy all three, I will. So be good this thanksgiving. You’ll never know, Santa might give you all three. 😉

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  1. Hi Erwin!

    Just a quick correction regarding the ownership of Slate. Microsoft founded and owned the online magazine for several years, until the Washington Post Co. acquired more than a year ago.



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