Start the week rocking!

I ripped the playlist of Cathay Pacific’s Rock radio channel recently. It contained a good selection of new and old rock bands.

My favorite so far is Muse (a not-so new British band that won accolades recently in MTV) with their Knights of Cydonia. Also ripped from Wikipedia:

Muse are a popular English rock band formed in Teignmouth, Devon in 1994. Their idiosyncratic style is a blend of indie, electronica, prog rock, heavy metal and classical music. The band is famed for its energetic live performances and frontman Matthew Bellamy’s eccentric interests in global conspiracy, extraterrestrial life, theology and the apocalypse. Muse consists of Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Dominic Howard (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals). As of the release of their fourth album, Morgan Nicholls assists the band during live performances, providing additional keyboards, samples and backing vocals.

The band’s recent album, Blackholes and Revelations is now labeled as the best rock album. Frontman Belamy’s guitar, piano and singing set the tone for Muse’s music. I could not really put my fingers on what type of music they play. But it is definitely fresh and the guitars, yes the guitar work is mind-blowing. If you like Radiohead, then you’ll like Bellamy’s riffs.

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