Microsoft Philippines previews Vista to local consumers

I must admit Windows Vista looks and feels like a Mac. Finally, the software company has gotten rid of some extra steps you take to use certain applications in Windows. Also it looks and feels better– Vista, I mean. This was what I saw during the launch of Microsoft Philippines’ Experience Centers. These centers showcase Microsoft’s latest software (and hopefully the Xbox 360). The first one launched this week is located in Avant Electroworld in Greenbelt 4.

The question is, will I need it now? Admittedly, I’m still enjoying the Windows XP and this operating system works for me now. As they say why change it when it ain’t broke.

Among the features shown during the demo included the simplified desktop interface. Microsoft has included a search button at the Start button, which will allow you to quickly go to the program you want. Also, it has taken out the need to open several menus just to find a program. It’s a lot more intuitive. They also have made refinements in Word, Excel, and other Office suite applications. As soon as I get hold of the Windows Vista, I will post a more detailed review here. First impression though, it looks cleaner and easier to use than Windows XP. How much will it cost? The local subsidiary has yet to peg a figure. But this will definitely launch sometime first quarter 2007.

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