Not all AVs are created equal

I learned a hard lesson in Internet security today.

For years, I have been writing about Internet security, computer viruses, spam, spyware, and the like. So I was quite cautious about downloading software or even opening e-mail that appears to be legitimate. I also did not mess with my anti-virus software.

But one day I was forced to move to a free (meaning readily available online) anti-virus software after I found my Windows acting weird. Every time it updated, Windows required a re-start. So I quickly replaced it with Norton, and later Kaspersky–which I highly recommend but for a price. Today, I decided to switch back to Trend Micro PC-cillin. And viola, when I checked for spyware and viruses, I found a lot in my PC. So that was causing my browser and my Yahoo! Messenger woes.

I’m not yet familiar with the inner workings of a spyware. But I know it keeps a tab on my online activities. For it to affect my browser was something new to me. So that’s lesson number one.

Lesson number two came in the form of an advice from my a friend. He told me to download a spybot and a boot analyzer. These security software hopes to solve some of my PC woes.

Two weeks ago, I was talking to Sophos. I was told the number of malware, or nastry computer programs, are increasing each month. Motive: money/profit. Viruses and computer malware are designed to steal information, spy on our online activities, drop trojan programs to take control of our PCs to spread more viruses or spam. This problem is real. And this week, I experienced it despite precautionary measures I’ve taken. Perhaps I should teach my wife a lesson too is safer computing.

For more safer computing advice, go here.

And please, stop downloading stuff that you’re not sure of.

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