(UPDATE) Con Ass? No, Con Con

UPDATE: In a press conference (Saturday, Dec. 9), Speaker Jose De Venecia has backed down and called for a constitutional convention.

This means that both House and the Senate should approve separate resolutions before Congress pushes through with amending the constitution.

But De Venecia is giving the Senate a deadline, or else they go ahead with their plans.

The House was scheduled to hold a constitutional assembly next week amid a looming opposition from various sectors, including the big religious groups, militants, and some private groups.

Okay I’m taking a break from the usual tech stuff here. As you might have already read in today’s news, Congress has finally approved a plan to convene a constitutional assembly, which intends to abolish the Senate to give way to a unicameral legislature.

As the majority bloc at the House of Representatives “celebrate”, a big bloc representing various religious groups and the opposition will hold a major protest against this development. The news says ‘it’s an all-out war’ against the proponents of the constitutional assembly.
It is now clear that the gloves are off, again.
Earlier, the Supreme Court has shot down the People’s Initiative, which also hopes to lead to constitutional amendments.

But it is interesting to see the newly-appointed Chief Justice Reynato Puno taking a stand. In this country’s politics of patronage, Puno says he was not beholden to anyone who appointed him into the position.

Big question now is, “are we still going to have an elections on May 2007?” Exciting times lie ahead for Filipinos here.

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