Intel leads global digital inclusion project in RP

Chipmaker Intel is now leading a global effort to bridge the proverbial digital divide with real projects and money, amounting to 1 billion dollars in five years. Apparently, they’ve started doing this in the Philippines under several projects.

Intel is working with both local and international governmental bodies to push this initiative forward. As Intel stated in a press conference yesterday. Excerpt of today’s Infotech story:

INTEL Philippines has unveiled a global digital inclusion program that aims to bring more relevant information to marginalized sectors.

Meeting with representatives of the Asean, Intel executives disclosed that it will commit 1 billion dollars in five years to help marginalized sectors gain access to technology and relevant content, Intel World Ahead program manager for Asia Pacific Leighton Phillips said.

“Content on the Internet is currently not relevant to most marginalized societies. Also, the cost of accessing information is expensive. Meanwhile, there are duplicating efforts to bridge the digital divide,” the Intel executive said.

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