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Have you noticed that you can now let people know what you’re listening to while using Google Mail of Chat ? It’s called Google Music Trends, a service that actually tracks your music taste. It’s similar to the YM functionality that allows you to show others the Yahoo radio station you’re tuned in. But Google Music Trends is a nifty application within Google Talk that shows my iTunes or MP3 tracks currently playing. Cool.

Is this leading to something else? Well, I’ve been a user of, which allows you to share your music taste with the rest of the world. Well, I did some searching and found this:apparently Google Music Trends is tracking people’s music tastes, just like

Here’s a link to a more detailed explanation. But here’s an excerpt:

Music Trends is a snapshot of the music that’s popular right now among Google Talk listeners. Every Talk user who has opted in to Music Trends will cast their vote automatically, each time they listen to music on their computer. We’ll gather this information and display the trends by genre, listing the favorite songs and artists in each category.

You can click through from the trends results to information pages about the artist or album, courtesy of Google’s Music Search. Another click and you could be at one of a number of online stores from which to buy the music, either as a digital download or on physical media.

Currently it supports the following MP3 players.

  • iTunes
  • Winamp
  • Windows Media Player
  • Yahoo Music Engine.

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