Not so happy holidays (and 3G)

We’re always looking forward to the holidays, except the horrendous traffic jams Metro Manila is known for during these times. Taking a cab is becoming “a life and death situation,” while braving EDSA means a test of patience. I don’t drive. I still commute. I take the “fastest” possible public transportation. But in the past few days, that is becoming a luxury. Yesterday, as I was stucked somewhere in Baclaran. So I whipped out my 3G phone to check out what’s on on mobile TV. To my surprise, I got connected but was disappointed to see advertisements being streamed to my phone!!! If this is the kind of content that I will get, then I am not surprised why mobile TV is not catching on. It’s practically the same content you see on TV. My brother-in-law then made a good observation.

“Why don’t they put TV tuners into those phones?,” he said, pointing at my 3G phone.

Great idea, I said. But that means mobile TV would no longer be a viable business for mobile networks. Then I paused. Yeah, isn’t that a brilliant idea? I remember a few years back when another media person asked why mobile phone makers don’t put AM radio onto mobile devices. We also like listening to AM radio, he said. Eureka!

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