Had enough of YouTube? Frankly, no. But if you want to explore other video hosting services, there’s this new online video hosting service called BlipTV. Another online video service, wannabe, you might say. But this service hopes to bring something else on the table: Advertising!

It says: You deserve to make money from your hard work. That’s why has built an open advertising marketplace where you can pick the video advertising company that works best for you. If you’ve got a hit show we’ll even go out and meet with media buyers directly to get you a real, honest-to-goodness high-end sponsorship. We share everything 50/50.

Interesting? Here’s a walkthrough if you want to find out what it offers. I will give you a decent review soon as I try out the service. But on paper, it looks, er, cool. There are other features that you might want to check, such as uploading straight from Windows Moviemaker. Hmmm. Here’s one video I uploaded entitled “alien underwater.”

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