(UPDATE) joining mybloglog

(UPDATE) I read in TechCrunch that mybloglog has certain security flaws allowing people to spam you through this service. Some people were able to do this but more as an academic exercise. Hmmm.

Finally I was able to make mybloglog work (see the right sidebar with photos of recent readers, cute noh?). I think I was pasting the wrong code on the sidebar text widget 😉

Mybloglog was recently acquired by Internet titan Yahoo!

Anyway, we’ll see more of these services that will allow you to know people who read you. I was just in discussions with fellow journalists and colleagues (including experts in search engine optimization – thanks Marc) about ways to monitor web traffic. Alexaholic is now a popular web stat service that allows people to see web traffic and page rankings of popular sites. But apparently this is not very reliable, as it could be manipulated.

Mybloglog is essentially a webstat service married with social networking. As the founders discovered, people want to know who are reading them. Great and a simple idea! Now go visit their website and learn more about the people who read you.

You can visit this blog to learn how to get started.

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