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What’s up in the gaming industry in the Philippines? Apparently a lot. I’ve been writing for Hackenslash, a gaming website of the for some time now. Somehow, we stumble upon interesting stories about games, game developers, and innovations led by Filipinos who just love games.

This week Hackenslash broke the story on a new online game called Granado Espada. Hackenslash editor Joey Alarilla writes:

IRONICALLY, Granado Espada, the highly anticipated MMOG from the “Father of Ragnarok” Hakkyu Kim, will now in a way be used as a weapon against the company that brought in Ragnarok and popularized it in the Philippines.This is after IP e-Games, the Philippine publisher of popular online games such as RAN Online and O2Jam, confirmed that it is bringing in Granado Espada, a game which has whet the appetites of online gamers not only because it is a creation of the highly regarded Kim, but also because of its revolutionary system that allows players to control three characters at once.

Here’s a sample video of the game.

Meanwhile, Filipino mobile games developer Anino Mobile was nominated in an international competition, according to Alex Villafania. Excerpt:

FILIPINO mobile game developer Anino Mobile (a subsidiary of Anino Entertainment) was recently announced as one of the 25 finalists in an international contest on developing video games for the mobile platform.

Anino Mobile’s game Anima Wars, became an entry in the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) and was nominated in four of a total of six categories: Most Innovative Game, Excellence in 3D, Best Interactive Experience and Best Use of Connectivity.

The other stories include a Filipino PC game developer coming out with a new game, and a Philippine-based social networking website Groovenet now grooving to the beat.

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