WordPress goes podcasting

I read this from the Babel Machine blog. Yes, finally, WordPress will now allow you to upload videos and music. Sweet! Or if you have that MP3 somewhere on the Internet you can create a special player that can be embedded onto your post. Nice. Now I have to figure out how to paste the code below so it comes out as a player. Hmmm…help?!

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  1. hi p’re, that audio tag is for blogs hosted on wordpress.com, that’s why i specified wordpress.com hehe 🙂 wordpress.com has a number of restrictions that don’t apply to those using wordpress on another host — for instance, as of now need a special youtube tag to embed youtube clips, ‘coz the usual embed codes from youtube won’t work. we also can’t run javascript. but wordpress.com is slowly allowing more and more multimedia and plug-ins once they’re satisfied these won’t be a security risk.

    since you’re using another host, you should have no problem uploading audio and video files 🙂 just go to your wp-admin page and see w/c formats are allowed for uploading, and add those you want.

    hope this helps.


  2. thanks Joey. I think I forgot to mention that this post was also referring to an experiment I did on my other blog that was hosted by WordPress.com. Apparently, it’s not working. Maybe I need to check whether I copied the correct code format…hmmm.

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