Internet voting is legal — Comelec chief

It is really hard to make sense of what’s happening in Philippine politics. But lawmakers this week claimed that the planned Internet voting had no election laws to justify it. But Commission on Elections chairman Benjamin Abalos disagreed, saying the law on overseas absentee voting covers the pilot-test of Internet voting in Singapore. Excerpt:

INTERNET voting is legal, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman said Wednesday.

Reacting to previous statements made by lawmakers, Comelec chairman Benjamin Abalos said the plan to pilot-test Internet voting in Singapore is covered by the provisions of the overseas and absentee voting (OAV) law.

Senator Richard Gordon and Akbayan party list Representative Etta Rosales on Tuesday said there is no law that allows for this mode of voting.

“I am not against our OFWs participating in our elections, but there is no law that allows for Internet voting,” Gordon said.

Abalos, however, insisted that Internet voting is “in the absentee voting law.”

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