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We recently introduced some slight design changes in the homepage (see image). It loads faster and it looks better.

Also, if you have been noticing lately, we also have videos courtesy of the reporters, including yours truly. The power of camera phones in action 😉

You can also start viewing more video clips through’s Network Highlights (as highlighted in the image shown) in the homepage. videos
These video clips are produced by team on YouTube under the TV channel service, which also hosts Hackenslash TV video service courtesy of Hackenslash editor Joey Alarilla.

Here’s a recent example. This video clip shows the actual turnover ceremony for Defense Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane as he holds his first press conference as defense chief. This video was Video taken by reporter Joel Guinto.

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  1. thanks erwin, with more video clips to come 🙂

    plus, the new tableless design for the homepage means it will be easier to introduce our new content and services, such as… but let’s not spoil the surprise, hehe 🙂


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