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Hackenslash, the gaming website of has launched its own podcast, starting with a first episode that features Hackenslash editor and ‘DJ’ Joey Alarilla and co-hosts Leo Magno (father of hackenslash) and Jayvee Fernandez (technology channel editor of global network The trio spent more than 20 minutes talking about games, ehem, girls (in gaming), and, well, more games. I don’t want to spoil the fun and the surprise. So just point your mouse arrow here, and click.

Here’s a snippet from the story I wrote about the podcast.

MANILA, Philippines–’s computer game website,, has launched the first episode of its podcast, its editor said Monday.

The podcast features game news, reviews and interviews with key personalities in the local gaming scene.

“I’m really happy that our site was the first to launch an podcast and I’m grateful for the support of editor in chief JV Rufino; of course, it’s also a challenge to live up to expectations, since we’re the first, and hackenslash is an expansion site, at that. Don’t worry, though, you can expect other podcasts to debut in the weeks and months to come,” hackenslash editor Joey Alarilla said.

Here’s a behind-the-scene look at the making of this first episode from TV.

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