Writing at the speed of thought

I tweaked Bill Gate’s Business at the Speed of Thought book title to make a point. There’s this hackneyed saying, Journalism is literature in a hurry. I’m not sure who said this (but I will find out soon). Writing at the speed of thought best describes what online journalism is. Big stories should be broken at speeds that baffle traditional journalists. This is not a new idea. It is a process borrowed from radio, television, and the wires. The only difference is that online journalists break stories on the Internet.

Today’s technology now allow online reporters to do more than just break stories on-the-fly. With more access to faster mobile phone networks, they can already send audio and video instantly. It might not be as good as what you see on TV–the video clips, I mean. But for a generation fond of YouTube, Google Video and whatnot, video clips taken using an N80 phone camera is good enough for online viewing–especially if they’re compelling clips like one taken by journalist Benjie Aclan who foiled the attempted abduction of Secretary Barbers.

The Blackberry and other email devices have proved useful when news like yesterday night’s House approval of a cheaper drug bill breaks, while most are already resting.

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