Are we ready for mobile TV?

Yay! Mobile TV is almost here. Wait. What’s on? Well, that’s the biggest question that I want to ask service and network providers. Yes, mobile television is here but what content will it have. Will mobile TV services resort to shovelware, meaning pushing the same content we now see on our boob tube to the mobile handset? Or we going to see a YouTube-like model, which is user-generated? Excerpt:

PLDT President and CEO Napoleon Nazareno said the service is still undergoing technical tests but will be formally introduced on March 11.

“It would initial show the cable channels CNN BBC World, CNBC, Basketball TV, MTV, Jack TV, Fashion TV and other entertainment channels,” Nazareno said.

I remember this article I wrote last year: “Mobile TV is ‘snack TV’, say Ericsson.” It says:

People will spend less than 5 minutes watching television programs on their mobile phone, a consumer survey from telecommunications vendor Ericsson showed.

What can you watch in less than 5 minutes? Short video clips, of what? Basketball or Football highlights, MTV, YouTube, etc. That’s just a start. What else? A video clip of your home sent through your Internet-connected security web cam. Five-minute sitcoms or sketches. Music lessons, a multimedia map or tour guide. A video clip of your doctor’s or dentist’s diagnosis. A review of the latest book, movie, etc. These are just random thoughts that I’m typing now. There will be more. In short, don’t think about today’s TV when you hear mobile TV. Two words: snack TV.

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