‘Perfect World’ in the Philippines

(Photo from Level Up! Philippines)   

Will that title qualify as a link bait? 😉
It is actually a condensed version of a news story I wrote for INQUIRER.net on Wednesday. If you still have time to play games online, I think you’ll be doing the dance of joy with this piece of news.

Level Up! Philippines is set to launch a Beijing-born online game called Perfect World. Excerpt:

MANILA, Philippines — It is official. Level Up! Philippines will launch Perfect World, a Chinese-made massively multiplayer online role playing game, around second or third week of May 2007, just in time for the Philippine mid-term elections.

Level Up! Philippines has just purchased 30 new Intel-based Dell servers to house what the local game publisher believes would be the next biggest online game.

“Perfect World is a free-to-play, item-based online game that offers a buffet of experiences. It will appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers,” said Jane Walker, chief executive officer of Level Up! Philippines, in an interview with INQUIRER.net.

Here’s the teaser website and a Wikipedia entry about the game.

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5 thoughts on “‘Perfect World’ in the Philippines”

  1. Thanks for this, sir.

    In my blog, I’ll constantly update everyone on developments for Perfect World’s closed beta. I might even give out CBT accounts to lucky ones.

    Just an added resource…


  2. Hi Mon,

    I think I’m among the lucky ones who will be given access to the closed beta. But I don’t have the time to play right now, save for blogging =). I hope to try out this game soon. thanks for dropping by.

  3. rhaaaaaaaaaaa i want a closed beta key too !!!!

    I’ve tried playing on the chinese servers but it’s pretty hard for quests and items…

    I’m so jealous!!
    Do you have any idea when the open beta will start ?

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