Senatorial candidate unveils You-Tube-based reality show

Independent senatorial candidate Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan has launched his very own YouTube-based channel, hoping to show people his day-to-day campaign activities. Using MTV-style production, this online “reality show” is dubbed KTubed (as in KikoTubed) on Here are two video clips posted on YouTube.

This same video clip is also embedded in KTube, which the creators describe as “an online reality series featuring the life of Senatorial Candidate Kiko Pangilinan as he runs for office and of course at home with his family. No scripts, gimmicks, just Senator Kiko on the go.”

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  1. yes atomicgirl…interesting stuff, right? haha. But would you like to see more of this when they’re in power? hmmm, that would be a great reality show..imagine seeing your President go through the day…big brother ang dating…but reversed.

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