YouTube smear campaign starts vs Hillary

A campaign spot for Obama Barack (a fact that he denies) takes off with a parody on the famous 1984 ad of Apple’s Mac, which portrays Hillary Clinton as big brother.

Technology News World has the scoop. Excerpt and video follow:

After promising to maintain a civilized tone, Sen. Barack Obama has sent a shot across the bow of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign in an advertisement for his 2008 bid for the presidency now appearing on YouTube.

Or did he? The video — a biting commentary on Clinton’s presumed frontrunner status for the Democratic nomination — suggests it was generated by Obama’s campaign. However, Obama told talk show host Larry King that his campaign knew nothing about the ad until it popped up on YouTube, according to press reports.

Welcome to the Web 2.0 presidential campaign: an election cycle that has already begun some 20 months before the Big Day. More than in the congressional elections of 2006 — and certainly much more than in the presidential election of 2004 — all of the next-generation communication tools exemplified by social networking sites like YouTube and MySpace will be used for all they’re worth — for better or worse.

There is much to be said for the YouTube-style of warfare, er, campaigning, that is certain to characterize the presidential campaign. In theory, anyone can make an ad supporting his or her candidate — or, for that matter, denouncing an opponent. If the ad is popular with viewers, it gets voted to the top of the site where even more people can see it. This is democracy in action, Internet-style.

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