Should bloggers follow code of conduct?

Tim O’Reilly has recently invited people to consider a proposed code of conduct for bloggers. This was prompted after his talk with Kathy Sierra who had received threatening and disturbing anonymous comments in her blog.

Eventually, this call for bloggers to adopt a code of conduct was picked up by the media and bloggers, including Blog Addicts, which I contribute to.
I wrote a reaction to Blog Addict’s post by Joey Alarrila.
Here’s what I said:

Be responsible. That’s essentially what Tim OReilly is saying in this proposed code of conduct for bloggers. I remember stumbling upon a similar proposal from before. There are indeed unwritten rules in blogging. But as O’Reilly says it is time to write them down to “formalize blogging behavior.” One thing that strikes me is his suggestion that we should not blog things that we wouldn’t say in person. That again falls on being a responsible blogger. It is clear that the same code we journalists practice is now being applied to blogging.

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