Pacquiao wins

Finally, I can post this entry in this blog that was down for some time. This was posted earlier in my other blog.


See the varying views and opinions of bloggers about the fight. Akomismo for instance did not mince words. Excerpt:

How do we define shameless? (Sa Filipino, walang hiya.)

  • Vote Manny Pacquiao signs on top of a Filipino flag during an international, televised sporting event.
  • Cheers of “Congressman!” after winning via knockout in round 8.

I’m tempted to scream, “Go to Hell, Manny Pacquiao.” But he’ll win the elections anyway, and that is a fate worse than hell.

I don’t have much love for the Pacman. Read the following essay for my reasons why:


Analysts say the fight was a mismatch. In fact, this blogger feels Manny Pacquiao does not deserve his money and was hoping to only watch the pre-main fight event of Arce vs. Mijares.


I had really planned to order, watch, and score tonight’s Top Rank PPV card featuring Manny Pacquiao v. Jorge Solis and Cristian Mijares v. Jorge Arce (the only fight on paper worth paying anything for), but then I sat down with my digital cable remote, went to the info, and worked my way over to the ‘Buy’ button.

And I couldn’t do it. I had spent the last couple of days trying to rationalize why I would be paying to see Manny Pacquiao drill a sacrificial lamb, $44.95 for a big (quantity, not quality) card where the only thing I truly cared to see was Mijares/Arce. I couldn’t figure out a good reason to order this show, save for my completist nature of needing to see every “big” fight.


Did I say more? Hehe.

Thanks to NeTVision I was able to watch the fight “live” via the Internet. This is the future of television. It is delivered on your PC. Wohoo! also delivered a blow-by-blow running account of the fight.

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One thought on “Pacquiao wins”

  1. I just want to post my comments on this Pacmans issue, even though it is already to late. I am also a die hard viewer of boxing especially the fights of Pacman.
    But when he enter to politics, I was very upset and I really don’t like him to win on his last fight and all his fights in the future. Ang talagang yabang na niya. He pretend to use the help GOD, on what we call, a God’s wish. He thinks that he conquers all.
    Because of what he did, for congressman Ang Labang Ito. Naawa daw siya sa mga pobring mga tao sa Gen . Santos. Shame on him, pero hindi iyon matablan ng kahiyaan, kasi ang kapal ang mukha.

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