excel saved the day

And you thought everybody knew how a certain technology works. Apparently not.

Journalists spend time gathering information and collating them. During elections, one of the more important software that you’ll need is Excel. Why? It is the fastest way to add up votes and sort data out. For years, I used this software in computing votes quickly. (We’re not supposed to do this anymore if only our elections would have been computerized…but…). Thank God for today’s technologies.

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2 thoughts on “excel saved the day”

  1. Hi Erwin, Just found your blog after clicking on a link from the main Inquirer site. And I just had to smile when I saw your most recent post – it makes me miss so much the days of covering Comelec and the canvassing at the PICC. It has been years. The 2001 elections was the last elections/canvassing for me back home.
    Excel did save the day for me then. I remember most of the reporters crowding around me to see who is leading after one COC was read by then Chairman Benipayo. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will visit it often.

  2. Hi Jacqui!!! How are you? Where have you been? 😉 Nice to hear from you again. Yes it’s the same ol’ Excel doing the job for us. But human error remains a problem because the media doing their own quick count could not reconcile their figures. I just wish they had the elections automated. This will save us and the rest of the country the trouble of manually counting votes, and waiting for weeks until they declare the winners…sigh

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