What can we learn from ‘Heroes’

My DVD marathons have been reduced lately due to the Philippine election coverage. But if I find time to sit down in front of my computer for more than an hour, I turn on my divX player and watch “Heroes.”


Now that the first season is over (yes I was able to catch Episode 23 The Finale), I wish to share some lessons I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Don’t paint or draw the future. It will kill you.
2. If you can fly, don’t think you can be President.
3. If you have split personality, chose the strong one 😉
4. Forget Sylar. Let’s save the cheerleader!
5. Hero is really spelled H-I-R-O.
6. Aren’t we all Heroes, we just don’t know yet? (what did you say??? I can hear your thoughts, ha, ha, ha, ehem).
7. Nukes are dangerous. Let’s save the cheerleader!
8. Stop pretending that you can change the future. We decide the future but you really have to save the cheerleader!
9. Love your dad unless it gets in the way of saving the cheerleader.
10. If you can’t take the heat, jump off a building. The cheerleader will.

Don’t mind me today, I’m lost…

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