Certain technologies sometimes fail to deliver what they promise.

Let’s talk about the latest wireless Internet technologies that are now available in the Philippine market.

I don’t want to name products. But let’s just say there are two popular (and perhaps the only two services available now) services that boast broadband speeds without the need to connect to a wired network. They use the existing mobile phone networks.

Recently, I’ve heard complaints about one service that promises to deliver high-speed data that goes beyond the 3G (not the gravity) speeds. I read in one mailing list that the service had been out for 2 weeks. That’s pretty bad!

I remember when I was hooked up to fairly new fixed wireless Internet service several months back. I did experience hiccups.

Lately, I still experience “no Internet” service for days. Just recently, I lost my Internet connection after a thunderstorm.

I got a call from the customer service after numerous tries. The customer support agent was patient enough to determine what was wrong. Eventually, he concluded that my wireless antennae might have been damaged during the thunderstorm.

The next morning, my connection was back. Hmmmm…

Another wireless service I dub “I ain’t roaming” is perhaps a dud. It WAS the first of its kind in the country. But it has so far failed my personal reliability test. I’ve been using it for the past weeks to provide me wireless Internet from anywhere where there is mobile phone network coverage. But one day, I found its PCMCIA card not working.

The card was not initializing and so it won’t connect to the mobile network. And for some reason, it reconfigures your Windows wireless Internet settings. So I had to figure how to revert back to the normal settings of detecting any wi-fi network available.

Anyway, this wireless roaming Internet service provides intermittent wireless Internet connection.
Moral of the story: wireless Internet technology in the Philippines is not yet reliable. Most of the wireless Internet services offered today don’t exactly provide the quality of service they promise.

The sad thing is that the local firms might be over-selling this service, amid problems and complaints of poor quality.

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