No Philippine IT news?

Aileen Apolo starts her blog with a rant about the scarcity of news about the information technology industry in the Philippines for, hmm, the past months since elections started, or even way before that period.

The shortest reply to her question is this: elections. Most of the media’s attention is focused on this regular exercise of democracy. Also, there are stories that we cannot write because sources decline to make them public, as Migz would put it.

Actually, one of the sources of IT stories today are blogs or the Internet in general. As more techies get connected, it is easier to network with people who are in the know.

Sometimes, I get leads via e-mail from friendly (sometimes unfriendly) sources. But as I stated earlier, the elections has sidetracked IT coverage for some local IT journalists, including myself. I hope to get back on track in the next few weeks when the Commission on Elections finally declares all senatorial winners.

I hope this brief explanation answers some of Aileen’s questions. 😉

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