Ed Panlilio promotes good governance in blog

It’s good to see more government officials blogging. Other government officials who blog include Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina, Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo, and recently I just saw Baguio City Mayor Peter Rey Bautista (he uses Multiply, which is also a social networking service). This development is good because blogs will allow people to engage public servants in conversations. (But we also hope that they would listen). Do you know of any other government official now blogging to talk about what he really thinks, feels, or disagrees with?

MANILA, Philippines – Priest-turned-governor Ed Panlilio launched his blog this weekend to promote good governance.

With help from the Bloggers’ Kapihan, a group of Filipino bloggers, and his own people in Pampanga, Panlilio initiated his virtual conversation with constituents and the youth.

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12 thoughts on “Ed Panlilio promotes good governance in blog”

  1. Credit it to the information superhighway, aka, internet.

    It is nice to have government officials some blog sites so people can interact with them. Only those government officials who take “public transparency” to heart are putting up their blog sites. The corrupt would consider it intrusive for the public to inquire on their public acts.

  2. Hi Fr Ed,
    Is this your Blog? I am happy that you, Ms. Padaca and Robredo have come up with a group that will promote good governance as reported in yesterday’s news. Sharing best practices is a start and I hope your struggle to get the PNP to cooperate with you will come out fruitfull.
    Cheers. Chito Prat

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