Don’t read this


If you’re reading these words, my experiment succeeded.

How do I make you read further. Easy, I will use a bigger FONT.

But who am I kidding, right? If this blog doesn’t say anything, you may be clicking this LINK to get out of here.

By now, I have gotten you’re attention. So I will try to add a nice photo just about…now.


If you’re still reading until this point, I’m handing it to you. You’re unusual.

People usually stay on a web page for at least 6 seconds.

They scan first. Then, they glance over the first few paragraphs. When it doesn’t hook them. They leave.

So if you’re reading this paragraph, you’re exceptional because I’m about to throw in a video. And this video is going to increase your time spent on this page. You may share it after, or not! Just watch the video.

By now, I have thrown all the tricks that I can think of, but wait, there’s more…






Okay that’s it!

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  1. You’ve got a lovely portrait of Rebecca Van Dyck. From a Levi’s Director of Marketing to Head of Marketing, Facebook, this lady must be a marketing genius.

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