Lorde, Jose Gonzales and the music of our lives

As I write this, I’m plugged into Lorde’s Pure Heroin album. Her enigmatic and space-y music brings you to a temporary high.

Jose Gonzales, an indie folk singer/songwriter, also has the similar effect. But he uses his soft and mesmerizing voice and classical guitar to take you through a journey of melodic ride–it sounds like a lullaby. Check out his cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

One colleague who is also a big fan of music says there’s so much music out there that it could take a life time to listen to each of them. True. But today’s music tells a lot about this generation–and their inspiration for composing such beautiful poetry.

Music is an exercise in introspection. You will need to dig deep to come up with songs that your generation will love.

Lorde, Jose Gonzales–and Bon Iver (another favorite), are all looking at life for inspiration, for verses in their songs. That’s the beauty of making music. It’s a reflection of your life, of the life around you, of others’ lives.

Here are more Jose Gonzales songs to inspire you.

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