Keeping this blog alive

Blogging for fun

Finally, this blog is alive!

I’ve had this little space for years since I bought this domain name. The content has been refreshed so many times. But I was only able to update this with new content lately because “work gets in the way.”

However, I have been posting my personal thoughts and musings on Medium. Do check me out in that other space. For now, I’m using this personal blog to post some short thoughts about anything, starting with some links to articles, videos or even podcasts that I have come across. Think of this as my public notes.

Things I’ve read that are interesting:

Tool to Help Journalists Spot Doctored Images Is Unveiled by Jigsaw: There is so much fake content on the Internet. It has become harder to identify the real from those that are meant to manipulate you. This tool, however, can help you detect “doctored images.” Read on.

Newsletters or e-mails designed for a “long-read” are making a come back! If you’re tired of reading blogs or news websites, or too lazy to even visit sites that offer news, newsletters are your cup of tea. “Newsletters seem to have circled around from being the new blogs to being like blogs (but with posts that are emailed to readers),” Joann McNeil writes for Neimanlab’s Prediction 2020.

How do doctors measure the intensity of an outbreak like the 2019 nCov? There is a mathematics behind this. The Conversation offers an explanation. Hint: if you’ve seen the movie “Contagion,” it is close to what epidemiologists are doing.

Finally a quote from one of the articles:

It is not always easy to tell the difference between real and fake photographs. But the pressure to get it right has never been more urgent as the amount of false political content online continues to rise.